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They’re everything.

Bart’s Bagels isn’t just a bagel bake house, smoked fish joint, and neighborhood coffee shop… it’s a way of life.

Growing up in Philly, our founders took pilgrimages with their uncle to the upper west side of NYC to the epicenter of jewish noshing, H&H Bagels and Zabar’s. The smell of fresh-baked dough, the cashiers yelling orders, the countermen meticulously slicing paper-thin slices of smoked fish —  the sites, sounds, smells, and energy of bagelry was permanently fixed into their consciousness.

Bart’s Bagels honors heritage bagel baking methods —  handmade, kettle-boiled, slowly fermented, and baked on burlap boards in a revolving oven. Our bagels have a beautiful dark crust and are perfectly chewy with seeds on both sides. It’s how bagels used to be, and how bagels should be — one taste and you’ll inherently know.



Yom Kippur Catering

L’Shana Tova! We’re extremely excited to announce that we will be providing catering for Yom Kippur this year! We have put together an awesome menu for you and your family to break-the-fast. We’ve got fresh bagels, smoked fish, schmears, deli salads, sliced meats and cheeses and cookies! There is a little something for everyone on our menu.

We’re officially accepting pre-orders now! Please place your order by Thursday, 9/24/20 @ 9pm. All orders will need to be picked up at our shop, BART’S BAGELS (3945 Lancaster Avenue) between 2pm-5pm on Monday, 9/28/20.

How to order:

  1. Please visit
  2. Select “Yom Kippur – Pre Order” as your location. Then click see menu.
  3. The cutoff time to place your order is Thursday, September 24th at 9pm.
  4. All orders will need to be picked up between 2pm-5pm on Monday, September 28th.
  5. All orders will be paid directly through our online store.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send us an email to or call us directly at 215-596-5157.



Online Ordering & Gift Cards